Top Benefits

  • Communication Module improves a company’s use of time and available resources by reaching out to a wider group of tradesmen in an effort to cherry-pick those that express interest and the best value to the project. This results in more competitive bids with a shorter turn-a-round time.
  • Preset permission levels for the clients, tradesmen, supervisors, coordinators, managers, and administrator assure tight controls of the flow of information to the correct project members. It also allows for proper monitoring of projects for maximizing workforce resources.
here’s more:
  • Managers can easily determine which project members are assigned to the document and how they are notified of the assignment.
  • All members see the flow of the project and help in designing specifications that match published plans. This keeps everyone, including the client, looking at the same bid documentation so that the trade estimates are apples to apples comparisons. All selections are tracked in one convenient location so that the models and descriptions are viewed by all team members.
  • Keeps project pricing data organized for quick review and tradesman and supplier selection. Since the trades are bidding to the specs developed, once 100% of the items are included in trade bids, then the proposal can be given to the client. This keeps the costs of the projects stable and avoids spec creep!