Shortage in the labor pool? Introduce Good Subs.

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We shot ourselves in the foot over the last 20 years, riding on the coat-tails of the union training programs.  I say that generalizing of course. In 1990, I remember making a transition from a full employee company to hiring independent workers. I did it because at that time, the workflow had tremendous highs and lows, and I found I could concentrate on sales and administration more if there were responsible tradesmen in the field. There are...

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MOBILT System brings it all together:  a project coordinator and a complete bid system that works on all devices! MOBILT™ is a bid system that allows you and your customers, trades and suppliers ONE place to go for any information on the project. Since’s it’s a cloud-based software application, it doesn’t take up room on your computer, you don’t have to update it, or have an IT degree to make it work. That also means it...

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MOBILT Features

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MOBILT™Brings it all together.[/caption] Top Features Help You Avoid a Bidding Time Crunch! Communication module allows for a wider net to be cast to available tradesmen. Cloud-based so accessible on any device 24/7 including mobile. Includes preset permission levels for the clients, tradesmen, supervisors, coordinators, managers, and administrator. Document storage available at all times and assignments sent to project members All document...

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MOBILT Benefits

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Top Benefits Communication Module improves a company’s use of time and available resources by reaching out to a wider group of tradesmen in an effort to cherry-pick those that express interest and the best value to the project. This results in more competitive bids with a shorter turn-a-round time. Preset permission levels for the clients, tradesmen, supervisors, coordinators, managers, and administrator assure tight controls of the flow...

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