About the developer:

  • Started as a carpenter helper in May of 1973
  • Certified by NARI in 1995
  • Started online system in 2002
  • Added MO-BILT® Quick Proposal Module in 2008

Having been trained as a carpenter, he quickly learned that the remodeling business had many moving parts.  His curiosity for understanding the science behind the work led him to believe that technology could help structure his remodeling company, and give him a better handle on project sales and management.

His company, Gerber & Associates, did a variety of home improvement projects with over 300 happy customers.  Google 636-227-2922 to find out more.  He had 11 on staff performing 3-5 projects at a time.  Gerry was quick to equip his office and staff  his office and staff with the latest in project management software and hardware available, and in 1990 he networked his office.

The ideas and concepts of today's products were conceived in the early 1980's, but it wasn't until 2002 that he designed the  "Base Program" that was to become the backbone of the MO-BILT®  product.  MO-BILT®  was grown organically through day to day trials & tribulations.  Month after month, features were added that were a direct result of needs driven by the clients, especially the trades and suppliers.  The initial program and programmer of the system is still consulting for the company to this day, keeping stability in the products.

The systems are time-tested, fast, accurate, and sound.

His desire is that every remodeler will become more productive, better organized and more responsive to their customers & trade partners through the use of the MO-BILT®.