• Training, and ongoing support:  No dumb questions here. 
  • The benefits you get from the start:  Connecting with your employees, subs, clients, and suppliers.

Here are some issues: 

  • Login:
    It's a pain, and it’s also a big loss preventer. The login protects your information from from those who don't need to see it. 
  • Change:
    You may be asked “Why change?” from your staff, trades and suppliers. Change keeps you relevant, and saves your most valuable asset, time.
  • Data Entry:
    Even if your typing skills are poor, there are tools to help you with this.  While it's a commitment of time and effort to enter data and write project specs, the payoff comes very quickly.  While it may seem like a lot, it is, but it also saves a whole lot more by reducing phone tag with voice-mail.  MO-BILT® may keep you from underbidding, from leaving something critical out, or doing something else potentially disastrous because the MO-BILT® System is an area where many eyes are on the specs.  There are fewer misunderstandings; fewer redo’s; less finger-pointing.  Soon, your entire team will begin to wonder how they did without it.

As you work through making the system work for you in your business, you’re always welcome to call me directly on my cell phone or set up a support email using the link at the bottom of each screen.

To your success in the business and on the job!

Gerald Gerber, CEO & Founder   314-805-3781