All good contractors know that a key element to avoiding confusion or disagreements in project planning involves properly detailed specifications. It’s amazing what well, thought out specs can do for your planning, for the accuracy of your estimate and for building trust with a prospective client. Many of you are also painfully aware that clients can take your hard work and use it to secure other bids.

Prior to showing your client plans, or any information that is costly (and should be a line item in the bid), find out if they are truly interested in doing business with you by having them review your specs. Specifications are really important in nailing down the details. A homeowner that avoids reading your specs will probably not do business with you. This is a tell-tail sign of their interest.

So, next time you have a feeling that you are giving your prospect valuable information, realize that this information is the trust-building glue that will hold your relationship together should something pop-up during construction. It is the most important part of the planning package and the sooner they see it, the sooner they will gain trust that you are the right contractor for their project.***[P/R,NARI]